Software for Field Service companies

  • Increase efficiency
  • Optimize communication
  • Maximize profitability

Where are the pain points in your organization?

Routing and Scheduling

  • Difficult
  • Inaccurate
  • Time consuming
  • Inefficient Communications


  • Lost or incomplete
  • Doesn’t get to the right people
  • Not answered in time
  • Not followed up

Service Performance

  • Difficult to measure and monitor
  • Missed opportunities
  • Incomplete information

Back Office

  • Billing problems
  • Duplicate data entry
  • Customer complaints

iServHub is designed to provide solutions to resolve your pain points

iServHub's software gives you the tools for end-to-end field service delivery.

  • Focused on manageability and profitability
  • Built by professionals for professionals
  • All-in-one integrated design

iServHub delivers integrated operations, improved profitability and gives you a competitive advantage.

  • A Software as a Service (Saas) platform that protects your data while allowing you to access it anytime, from any computer or mobile device.
  • The mobile and web applications streamline operations to enhance your customer's experience.
  • Location based mapping and route scheduling that cut down on operating costs, reduce mileage, and improve responsiveness.
  • Takes the headache out of day-to-day activities. Service requests, quotes, contracts, scheduling, dispatching, customer relationships, invoicing and reporting are managed from any computer or mobile device.
  • A scalable solution, with low monthly operational costs. iServHub requires no software, no hardware, and no expensive IT support, making it affordable and feasible for any size organization.
  • Enhances your company's productivity and efficiency by having all your operational information available to you in a single, all-inclusive system.
  • Helps increase your billable time. Automation to reduce and eliminate missed billing opportunities with less people needed for the back office. Focus resources on generating more billable time.
  • Easily manage more customers without adding administrative overhead. Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces duplicate data entry. iServHub offers all the cornerstones of field service lifecycle management in one cloud-based environment, so you can seamlessly synchronize critical business processes across the entire service organization.
  • Delivers Continuity & Consistency Across All Customer Interactions - Break down the barriers between departments for seamless visibility of important information.
  • Drives revenues & increased profitability. iServHub helps create value beyond traditional break/fix methods with new service offerings designed to increase uptime, productivity and operator performance.
  • Gain greater agility and achieve sustainable value in less time. Maximize service margins and drive quick ROI.
  • Customized by industry segment. It's a great fit for companies providing any kind of field service.

Powerful and easy for your entire team to use

iServHub includes tools that simplify and optimize the activities of every team member. Owners can view invoice totals in real-time, as well as service costs versus revenue. Service Managers have the ability to see all active jobs at a glance while also monitoring the staff productivity in the office and in the field. Schedulers and Dispatchers can view staff and job status in real-time, using iServHub's functionality to distribute work orders electronically with real-time scheduling. Using their mobile devices, field workers can instantly access job assignments with related tasks, as well as location based mapping to each job. Finally, the Accounts Manager can import finished jobs directly into the company accounting solution, validate time sheets electronically and easily and quickly invoice customers.

iServHub's mobile field service management software system helps you spend less time on organizing your business and more time making your customers happy. iServHub's solutions provide all the cornerstones of service lifecycle management including:

  • customer management
  • service management
  • asset management
  • logistics management and
  • mobile workforce management.

iServHub's solution empowers your team by making more actionable data readily accessible, providing the agility you need to achieve sustainable value in less time, and successfully compete in a highly competitive marketplace.

The service landscape is shifting. It is no longer enough to just satisfy customers; instead we must learn to continuously surpass their expectations. Better, faster, more efficient management of your field service is the key success factor in meeting customer expectation. iServHub can help you develop the best solutions for your business. Enabling you to increase revenue, expand into new markets and differentiate your services. Field service automation enables optimization of every facet of service delivery. Now you can leverage iServHub's innovative technology to automate and optimize decisions and execution across the entire service chain. Solutions include forecasting, planning, scheduling, dispatch, mobile field execution, and analytics. iServHub is built to streamline operations, improve communications, enhance profitability and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Benefits and Features

Mobile first responsive design

With mobile and web support, your entire team can stay in sync. Add iServHub to your mobile device home screen and get native app behavior.

Customer Account Center

Every customer has access to the Customer Account Center, where they can view and approve estimates, past jobs, and pay invoices.

Impressive Job Management

Jobs are easy to add, easy to schedule, and automatically track progress throughout their lifecycle.

Invoicing & Online Payments

Collecting payments has never been faster. Send invoices and collect payments online instantly.

Sales & Estimates

Track all your prospects and estimates easily. Close more deals with powerful estimates.

Dynamic Scheduling and Routing

Requires no software, no additional hardware, and no expensive IT support.

Detailed Reporting

Our powerful scheduling and routing can help teams plan for even the most complex schedules.

Customer Tracking

From contact information to sales, job, and invoice history. Track customer's information with ease.


Make iServHub your own with personalized services & items, and logos.

Software as a Service (Saas) Technology

Requires no software, no additional hardware, and no expensive IT support.

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